2015: The Top 15

We are approaching the end of 2015 and the dawn of the new year! This has been a fun, exciting, rewarding, and challenging first year of business. I have loved watching this business grow and myself right along with it. This year I have had the opportunity to be a part of several weddings, a graduation, 4 styled shoots, a branding shoot, an adoption shower, a mini-styling workshop and an expo! Today, I am recapping just a few of these events and sharing my top 15 photos (in no particular order) from 2015. Happy (almost) New Year everyone! 


1. Maggie's Misc Branding Shoot


Back in June I had the pleasure of working with Annamarie Akins of Annamarie Akins Photography on a branding Shoot for Maggie's Misc! She is one extremely talented photographer so  I was beyond thrilled when she agreed to work with me. The shoot was done at Paisley & Jade, which proved to be the perfect location with their white walls and all of the natural lighting. I learn something new each and every shoot and this one in particular blessed me greatly as it gave me the opportunity to have some pretty photos to use for marketing purposes. AND it's being published on a blog mid-January!

2. Table Setting from "A Day at the Derby" Styled Photo Shoot


This photo is from the table setting I put together from the "A Day at the Derby" styled photo shoot that I was a part of back in March. My idea for the shoot came from a mixture of images I had seen on Pinterest and the scene with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at the polo match in Pretty Woman. I wanted to show brides that something masculine like a horse race could be be adapted into something soft and even feminine. And BONUS: we were apparently ahead of the game here with Pantone 2016's colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity! Not to mention that the shoot was featured on Glamour & Grace Weddings BlogShalese Danielle Photography and One Sweet Day in May helped take this table to the next level! Rentals: Paisley & Jade

3. Cake from "A Day at the Derby" Styled Photo Shoot


Okay so one more from "A Day at the Derby." This cake created by Cakes by Graham was one of the most popular wedding images of 2015. I saw this cake popping up all over the place online and it was even featured on Glamour & Grace as one of their top 10 cakes of the year! I love the contrast here of the natural wood and the gold leafing on the cakes, the soft pastels of the flowers, and the light and airy photography. Photo: Shalese Danielle | Flowers: One Sweet Day in May | Paper Goods: English Tea Paperie

4. My Very First Solo Wedding

Of course I have to have one from my very first wedding! This wedding took place at Pocohontas State Park back on April 11th on a day with almost perfect weather. 

5. "Jamie and Claire" from the "Outlander" Styled Shoot


The Outlander Shoot that I did with Tiffany Heidenthal Photography was my first styled shoot and I learned A LOT! It was freezing cold in the middle of January with snow on the ground, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! The shoot was later featured on the Frosted Petticoat lifestyle blog. Fun fact: the poor groom had the flu the day we shot.

6. Sarah + Chris at The Branch Museum 


To see more photos of this gorgeous wedding that I was a part of and that was shot by J&D Photography, visit our recent blog post here

7.  Table Setting from "Our Quirky Love" Styled Photo Shoot


In June I had the opportunity to work with Tiffany Heidenthal Photography for a second time. This time, I wanted to do a shoot that was bright and fun with lots of personality! These yellow chairs by Paisley & Jade were the perfect touch against the lovely green backdrop. Fun facts: a) I hand-painted several of the records and created a hanging installation out of fishing wire b) this shoot was done at my mom's house c) I lost my body weight in sweat that day. The shoot was later featured on the Every Last Detail wedding blog! To see more photos visit here.

8. Models from "Our Quirky Love" Styled Shoot


Photo: Tiffany Heidenthal Photography

9. UnBoundRVA Graduation

As part of my business model, I do one pro bono event per year. This past year I had the priviledge or organizing UnBoundRVA's first ever graduation event. UnBoundRVA is a small business incubator that works with underprivledged individuals and helps link them to the resources they need in order to start a business. They are doing amazing things for low income groups in Richmond, and I am excited to see where they go next! Photo: Tara Pattengale Photography

10. Tuesdays Together Mini-Styling Workshop


In September I got to participate in a mini-styling workshop hosted by Handspun Cinema and Paisley & Jade. The workshop was for creatives in Richmond to come together and to learn about styling for Instagram. I was one of three stylists. We each had a styling bar, and attendees took turn rotating between the three stations where they got an opportunity to take lots of photos. To read more about my experience, visit here. Photo: Kim Stockwell Photography.

11. Claire + Kevin

To see more photos of Claire + Kevin's gorgeous wedding visit our blog post here. Photo: Affordable Faces Photography

12. Christen + Nathan


Photos: Michelle Renee Photography

13. Table Setting from "A Savoir Faire" Styled Shoot


In October I worked with Nicki Metcalf Photography and The Proper Petal and what is now my favorite styled shoot to date. I wanted to stretch myself creatively and create a shoot that was more artistic and "moody" if you will. I drew my inspiration from 171th and 18th century European art and literature. I just love how this turned out. It showed my clients (and myself) that I can offer design services within a variety of styles and tastes. To see more of these photos, visit the recent blog post, here

14. Don and I from "A Savoir Faire"

Photo: Nicki Metcalf Photography

15. One More of Me and the Hubby


I truly think this may be my favorite photo of he and I to date. I honestly hit the Jackpot with this one. I don't know why God chose to bless me with him, but I am so very glad that he did. I feel like Nicki perfectly captured our personalities in this photo. I just love it. 

Well there you have it. It's by no means all of the photos I like from 2015, but just a little recap of some of my favorite moments. I hope 2016 finds you well and leaves you with happy and joyous memories. God bless.

~Maggie ♥

Five Things You Should Know About Maggie's Misc Events

Today, Maggie's Misc was featured on Lou Steven's Glam Squad's blog! Read below to see the feature and to learn five things about us!

Hey y'all! Maggie here, owner of Maggie's Misc Events, a wedding planning + design boutique based in Richmond, VA. Today, I am here to share a little of my heart with you and let you in on how my passions influence all aspects of my business. The mission of Maggie's Misc is to be a business that is mindful of the greater story as we strive to give back, provide exceptional customer service, and cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships with clients and vendors.

I have been passionate about service for about as long as I can remember. As I child I used to tell my dad that I wanted a "fix-it finger" to be able to travel the world and fix all its problems. In college this desire grew stronger and I volunteered with many non-profit organizations serving in various roles. It must just be in my DNA to see the world through a larger lens and want to make a positive impact on those around me. Not only am I passionate about service, but I also have a deep love for design + creativity. Nothing makes me feel quite so alive as when I am creating something new with my own hands.

I had the idea for Maggie's Misc toward the end of a long season of adversity. I went through many trials during that period and was able to develop even greater compassion and empathy for those in need. I came out of this season stronger and even more determined to leave my mark on the world.

Shortly after moving to Richmond, I worked in corporate event planning from 2011-2013 (my childhood home is East Tennessee where I was born, raised, and went to college). I also created an Etsy account last May selling vintage handmade decor, mostly to brides. In November, after a series of events, I decided to combine my experience in event planning with my passion for design, and thus, Maggie's Misc was born. I have known from the beginning that I wanted to be a business that's about more than just making money. Below are five ways that Maggie's Misc strives to be a business that's mindful of others: 

Exceptional Customer Service

As a client, one of the things you can expect from Maggie's Misc Events is exceptional customer service. It is one of the pillars on which I built this business and in every customer interaction I strive to: respond quickly, answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, admit mistakes, look for solutions, offer encouragement, and be respectful and courteous. Further, I like to make the wedding planning process fun and joyful. Brides are often stressed during wedding planning and part of my job is to help them enjoy the process, relax, and not stress the small stuff. Read some of our customer testimonials here.

Emphasis on Marriage

Like I said before, design is a huge passion. However, to me, the marriage is the ultimate goal; not the wedding. Newly engaged brides-to-be can get sucked into the Pinterest vortex (as I like to call it), and then feel stressed and overwhelmed when they can't get the wedding decor they see online to fit into their budget. This is when I come in, try to find alternatives, and then point them back to remembering why they are doing this: it's all about marrying your best friend. Strong marriages are important to me, and as a wedding planner I get to play a small role in building those marriages.

Giving Back

My husband and I volunteer with Youth Life Foundation of Richmond, a local non-profit that provides tutoring, mentoring, and activities to inner city youth. Don, my husband, even serves on their board. 10% of all sales go to benefit Youth Life. In addition, Maggie's Misc Events will help plan one event a year pro bono for a local non-profit. As the business continues to grow, we will continue to look for ways to be creative and thoughtful with our giving.


Blogging is a way for us to share our heart with others. In blogging our aim is to: inspire hope, speak life, and instill positive thinking in young men and women. 

Building Genuine, Authentic Relationships

One of the biggest passions of mine is to build authentic relationships with our clients. We treat our clients better than we would hope to be treated and our desire is to develop not only a working relationship with them, but a friendship as well. If we can help a client that is also a friend on one of the biggest days of their lives, then my heart is so full and content. 

I would like to thank Lou Stevens for the feature and you for reading along! To learn more about Lou Stevens, visit their website here. Congratulations to all you newly engaged folks out there! Enjoy this season of your life and take some time to soak it all in! Happy planning!

For more information about our services, please email me:, or click the button below to fill out our contact form. Follow along on Instagram @maggiesmisc or on Facebook at: Maggie's Misc Events