Your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup: Tips From a Professional

If you have been following along on our journey, then you know that sometimes I like to feature guest blog posts from other rad wedding vendors. These posts help to give my readers (that's you!) a little insight into other aspects of the wedding planning and wedding day process. Today's guest vendor post is from the beautiful and talented Ashyln Landrum, Owner & Head Stylist at Transformations Artistry, an on-site hair and makeup boutique. Read below for her professional advice and tips on how to prep and plan for your wedding day hair and makeup. Enjoy!

In all the flurry of wedding preparations and endless to-do lists, you may find it difficult to remember to plan for your own pampering services on the big day. You’re constantly planning for your guests and your bridal party, but are you thinking of how you’ll organize YOUR time -- those precious final moments before you waltz down the aisle to your happily-ever-after? Setting aside time to relax, get pampered, and soak up a few joyous hours with your favorite ladies is vital to having a flawless wedding day! Creating a schedule and finding your glam team is where your wedding planner comes in. She will guide you through the process of locating your ideal stylists who will then give you a time estimate for the services needed so that you don’t have to think twice about whether or not you’ll be finished on-time.

Coming from the perspective of a stylist who has been involved in hundreds of weddings over the past 4 years, I wanted to share some advice and a few tips with you on how to set aside that time for hair & makeup on your wedding day.

1.)    Know your style: Everything you use to create the atmosphere for your wedding is considered when choosing your day-of look; the color of the flowers, the venue, the dresses, the lighting, etc. A seasoned stylist will incorporate all aspects of your personal style and wedding theme into your hair/makeup look; whether it is laid-back and casual which might include light, flirty makeup & a fun braid, romantic and garden-themed which suggests gentle curls, wisps, & rosy cheeks, or chic and structured where a dramatic smoky eye and sleek chignon may be recommended. Have a few photos of looks that you like, and your stylist can suggest edits or improvements to those looks to best suit you and your style.

2.)    Plan a hair & makeup preview: The best way to plan ahead with beauty services is to schedule a hair & makeup trial with the same artist who will be available on your wedding day. This gives you the opportunity to test out the looks you’ve been eyeing as well as time to get to know your stylist, personally. We want nothing more than to understand you as a person and to make you look your best! Many of my brides plan their trials on the same day as either their final dress fittings or during their bridal portrait session so that they get a chance to see the look in its entirety.

3.)    Be sure your stylists have a team: Whoever you choose to do your day-of hair & makeup, remember to ask them if they can service the size of your bridal party. If you have a bridal party of 8 and they all want hair & makeup done, that’s a total of 16 services plus your own hair & makeup, and a single person or even a team of 2 wouldn’t be able to service everyone in a timely manner. If only you and 2 other bridesmaids are receiving styling services, then a single person may fit perfectly! The artist(s) needs to be able to bring along assistants or expand their stylist numbers to best suit your party.

4.)    Over-estimate time needed: On average, it takes a stylist from 30-40 minutes to complete a service (hair or makeup) on clean, dry hair and a bare face, so they should give you a time-frame needed to complete everyone in your party. Say you have 4 bridesmaids who want hair, 2 of whom are requesting makeup, and you are getting both services done as well. That’s 4 x 30min, 2 x 30min, and 1.5hrs. for you total. Altogether, that’s 270min. or 4.5hrs. For a single stylist, that’s absolutely doable, but if you wanted to cut your prep time in half, 2 stylists could finish your group in less than 2.5hrs. To be on the safe side, I’d recommend expanding your single-stylist’s prep time to 5hrs and your pair of stylists’ prep time to 2.75hrs. This is just a cushion in case of a late bridesmaid, damp hair, or last minute adjustments to either hair or makeup that aren’t factored into the initial equation. It’s better for the service to be completed early and have extra “chill”-time than to be rushing around and trying to get in your dress while someone’s putting lipstick on your lips!

5.)    Come prepared: The best thing you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly and in a timely fashion for your hair and makeup team is to have dry hair, a bare face, and everyone’s services pre-planned. There’s nothing quite like having a room full of damp heads that weren’t expected, having to wipe off old makeup, or two extra hair styles to create that weren’t on the schedule. It’s also best to chat with your bridal party to determine who’s covering expenses so that there isn’t confusion during payment time at the end (e.g. – you’re covering payment for everyone’s services, they are paying individually, or you’re covering just hair/makeup, and they are covering the rest)

6.)    Relax: It’s finally here! All the months of plotting and planning have come to a beautiful conclusion! You’ve done all you can do to prepare, and now it’s YOUR time to sip on something delicious and laugh the day away with your dearest friends and family.

Well folks, she said it perfectly: know what you want, do a trial, have enough people, allow for buffers, and come prepared. If you follow these tips, then you will find that getting ready on your wedding day will run much smoother and you can enjoy the process with much greater ease. And most of all: have fun with it! I mean how often do you get dolled up by a professional? 

To see more of Ashlyn's work or to book her for your upcoming wedding, visit her website below:

Thanks for stopping by! Happy planning!

~Maggie ♥