Why You Should Hire a Full Scale Wedding Planner

I love being a wedding planner; it's a wonderful blending of the two sides of my brain: organization + creativity. I am the girl that organizes her DVD's alphabetically, color coordinates her closet, and simply cannot function in a mess. However, I am also the girl that can get lost in color, fabric, art, music, writing, and well pretty much anything creative for hours on end. And as much as I love being a wedding planner, I absolutely LOVE being able to offer full-scale wedding planning to my clients. Even in our information age, there is still so much value in full-scale wedding planning and today, I am going to share with you 5 of those benefits. 

Custom Inspiration/Mood Boards

Often times, couples don't know where to start when it comes to designing their wedding. And let's be honest here, Pinterest can be overwhelming even to the most design savvy folks out there. When it comes to style, a client might know that they like certain colors or themes but aren't sure if those will work for a wedding. Or maybe the bride wants something soft and romantic but the groom likes things a little more bold and fun. They aren't sure if or how you can blend the two together. One of the benefits that I offer to my clients with full-scale wedding planning is custom design sessions. I have a secret system (I can't divulge everything can I ;-) ) that I use to determine the style of the couple both individually and together. I then create custom inspiration or mood boards that represent what we have discovered. These boards typically include 3 or 4 colors plus several photos showcasing the theme depicted. Once the couple reviews the board, I will then tweak it several times until we get something that the couple falls in love it. Then, voila! They have their very own custom wedding theme. 

Take a look at a recent mood board I put together for a client (they didn't choose this board). 

Unlimited Face-to-Face Meetings

With day-of coordination and partial planning, I have to put a limitation on the number of face-to-face meetings I can have with a client due to the fact that these packages are lower in price. Most of what a wedding planner does is a form of consulting, therefore, our services are broken down based on our time. With full-scale wedding planning packages, however, clients experience concierge style wedding planning. With this option, I am there every step of the process. Need me at a cake tasting? Sure thing. Want help picking out your dress so your mom doesn't drive you crazy in the process? You got it. 

Vendor Liaison

No other wedding planning package offers a client as much value as full-scale wedding planning. While my partial planning package does come vendor recommendations (day-of does not come with any), with full-scale planning, I will contact all the vendors for you, schedule all your appointments, attend those appointments with you, and review any contracts drafted up. With partial planning, I will simply pull together a list of vendor referrals for a client based on their price point, but they are then required to contact the vendor themselves. With full-scale planning, I will do all the heavy lifting for you. These services come with high value ad and are an amazing benefit to women (or men) with hectic careers and social lives. I have found that the young professionals of our age are busier than ever. Between careers, family commitments, social activities, volunteer initiatives, social sports, and more, most of their days are filled up from morning to night. With full-scale wedding planning, I am there to help take some of the load off of your plate, all while pointing you back to the joy of marriage you are about to enter. 

concierge style wedding planning.jpg

Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

Budget Buddy

Budgets are a very important component of planning any event. Unless you have unlimited resources, staying within the budget will enable the wedding planning process to run more smoothly. After doing events for several years now, I am able to help clients understand where they should allocate their funds. With full-scale wedding planning, I will break the budget up into line items using my event planning software. I will also give the client access to this software so she (or he) can keep track of every single penny spent along the way. We can base the budget on an estimated head count and then update it as the RSVP's start coming in. As a full-scale wedding planning client recently shared with me in an email, " I LOVE this software - it's exactly what I need to keep my mind at ease. Thanks so much for sharing with me!!" 

Details, Details, Details

Full-scale wedding planning is also the only package that offers planning assistance with the small details of a wedding. For example, with full-scale wedding planning, a client receives access to my ever growing collection of props such as vases, candle holders, decorations, ribbons, etc. In addition, with full scale wedding planning I can design place cards, stuff invitations, creating a seating chart, floor plan, table setting, wedding website, or custom hashtag, and so much more. I like to call this the "Whip and Nae Nae" of wedding planning. Watch me whip....

Photo by: Tiffany Heidenthal Photography 

If you are getting married and are busy, not very organized, budget conscious, or simply overwhelmed, then full-scale wedding planning can be a great option for you. Reach out to a few planners in your area and schedule a consultation. It's really important that you vibe and click with your wedding planner. You will be spending a lot of time together and you want to hire someone that you feel comfortable with and that feel like "gets" what you are going for. Happy planning! For more information on our services, follow the link below:

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