What If..?

I love to go back and read my old musings. Writing has been an activity that I have always pursued on some level. In middle school and high school the focus was poetry, in college it was -- well mostly just college related stuff, I mean who has time for anything else? -- after college I began a novel, and a few years back I even had a blog (which inspired the name for this blog). Granted, the blog was on a completely different site, I was an unabashed helpless amateur at blogging, and mostly pursued it simply for the fun of it. And yet, when I go back and read those writings I can see a young, hopeful gal who was writing with absolutely zero pressure and for pure enjoyment. Oh to take a ride on a time machine to our innocence. So today, in an effort toward preserving nostalgia, I decided to share a post with you that I wrote on April 9, 2012 entitled "What If..?"

"…yesterday never existed, and tomorrow never came…would it change what you did today?
you were incapable of failure?
you could go back in time, would you? If so, what time would you go back to? A time in your own life? Or maybe another time altogether?
instead of just saying it, you woke up with conviction every morning, and lived that day as if it might be your last?
you gave everything you owned away and started over? Does it change who you are?
you could pack up right now and move anywhere in the world without a care…where would you go?
you knew someone’s life had been drastically impacted because you were in it? Does it change how you view yourself?
someone had drastically impacted your life in a positive way…would you tell them?
you had to choose between:
  1. the perfect job or the perfect love?
  2. health or money?
  3. wisdom or knowledge?
  4. fame or friends?
  5. yesterday or tomorrow?
  6. $1,000,000 for yourself or a $1,000,000 for a perfect stranger?
  7. never dying or living for eternity in Heaven?
Every day we make choices. Some are easy. Some tough. But ALL are important. The decisions we make impact not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. Throughout our lives, we make decisions that map and change the course of our future, much like a captain steering the helm of a ship into open waters. Sometimes we sail along on calm waters, admiring the blue skies and peaceful sea. Then suddenly, and often times unawaringly, we steer ourselves headfirst into a raging storm. More often than not, however, it isn’t merely one wrong turn that gets us off course, but rather a series of wrong-turns, dead-ends, turnarounds, and side-steps.
Therefore, make your choices count every single day. Let me be clear here, this is not to say “never make a mistake”. These are also necessary and vital to our growth and maturity. The key is to learn from your mistakes. Let them sink in to the recesses of your mind, as a stamp upon your conscience, will, and heart.
Finally, take a step back, examine your life, and ask yourself, what defines me? Is it my job? The car(s) I drive? The house I live in? The things I own? The amount of money in my bank account, etc…? Or is it the people in my life? My family? My friends? Or maybe the impact I have on others?
What defines people is not a universally understood concept. It will vary greatly from person to person. But one thing is clear, what defines us should always start from the inside out. External factors can add TO our identity, but should never BE our identity."
Ahh. I look back on these posts fondly. Oh what creativity can be found in a task when it is approached with childlike enthusiasm. I miss being able to blog because it was fun. I miss having the pressure removed. Maybe that is the point. To remove (as much as possible) the pressures we feel and approach our craft(s) with love, enthusiasm, and wonder once again. How much differently would our present view look. What if....?
I would love to see how you would answer these questions. Thanks for stopping by.
~Maggie ♥