Planning a Wedding? Five Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Are you getting married soon or know someone that is? I am sure you have read lots of articles about wedding planning and are checking to-do items off of your list as you go. But what about your mental well being? Are you planning for that as well? I am a pretty laid back and easy going kind of gal. I strive for excellence in any and all situations and am an extremely hard worker, but I don't let the minutia of life get me down. I like to keep my eye on the big picture and the "goal" in all situations. My hairstylist even commented about me on my wedding day calling me  "one of the calmest brides I've ever seen." And yet my wedding went off without a hitch and my people had the time of their lives. So how do you accomplish a sense of calm and still pull off a successful event? Read below for some tips and advice from a calm soul, previous bride, and current wedding planner. 

1) Hire professional vendors. I have been doing events since 2012 and I have worked enough of them by now to know that there is a big difference between the quality of what a professional vendor provides versus that of a non-professional. Professional wedding vendors have experience and expertise that a friend or family member simply may not have (unless they are in the industry). Thus, when you hire a professional, you are greatly increasing your chances of less error, greater efficiency, and a more streamlined process overall. I can tell right away if I am working with a vendor with experience and the quality that they bring to the overall day cannot be understated. Professionals wedding vendors are priceless! 

2). Trust the vendors you hire. As important as hiring professional wedding vendors is, it is even more important to trust them to do their jobs. Most of us wedding vendors are in this industry because we love weddings and we love what we do. We know how important this moment is to you, and we are here to provide the highest quality of service possible. When you trust your vendors to do their jobs, you are taking a huge weight off of your shoulders and allowing them to trust their professional instinct. As in any field, most people perform higher when they are given trust and freedom to do their jobs well. Trusting your wedding vendors will allow you to focus on other things! 

3). Communicate your vision effectively. I would much prefer a bride to over-communicate her vision to me rather than under-communicate. Communicating your vision effectively allows your planner or day-of coordinator to understand what you are creating, making his/her job much easier. Also, try to keep all of your wedding planning materials in one easy-to-access location. I offer clients access to my professional event planning software as part of their package, but if you are unable to use something like this, consider buying a planning organizer or keeping everything under one spreadsheet in Google Docs. This is especially true if you are hiring a day-of coordinator that has not been there from the beginning. Effective communication ensures that all bases are covered!

4). Avoid too many "chefs" in the kitchen. Appoint one person and one person only to be in charge of coordination for your wedding day (or your photographer, caterer, or band/dj for that matter). There really should only be one coordinator or Mistress of Ceremonies (your coordinator can serve as both) at a wedding. Give this person the high and low level details of the day and allow them to delegate and assign responsibility accordingly. When you have several people designated as the main POC then it can make the delegating process less organized and less streamlined. The same can be said for photographers. When you hire multiple photographers (or ask friends/family to bring in their cameras) they will more than likely get in each other's way and photos! In addition, if you have several people trying to oversee, then you increase the chances of miscommunication as people are trying to work around and over top of each other. Having one person in charge allows him/her to do the best job possible!

5). Relax. This may be the most important tip on this list! My mantra the day before and the day of my wedding was, "If it's not done by now, it's not getting done." I shifted my focus that last few days from "planning" to "participating." I wanted to be present on my wedding day. I wanted to take an active participation role in what was transpiring. I wanted to "be here now." I no longer thought about (or event wanted to think about) the details. As a bride, my whole vision shifted to a high level "eye on the prize" mentality. As a wedding planner, I understand how much time gets put into details. I honestly do. But truthfully, in the end, those details don't matter nearly as much as your marriage. Marriage is the goal; two people becoming one. One family. One life together. You don't want to look back in 10 years and think that you spent your whole wedding day worrying about how everything was going to go down. You want to look back and see that you laughed, you danced, you had the time of your life, and you married your absolute best friend in the world. Marriage is always the ultimate goal; not the wedding! 

Enjoy your wedding day! You don't get to get married everyday ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy planning!

~Maggie ♥