Wedding Flower Donation: Grace In Bloom

If you have ever worked or been a part of a wedding, then you know that there are typically tons of flowers left over at the end of the event. Sometimes people take them home; sometimes they simply get thrown out. Well, I just learned about an amazing new service for brides and grooms who would like to give back: wedding flower donation. One of my upcoming brides is using this service through a company that a coworker had told her about called Grace In Bloom. The basic principle is that you donate your leftover wedding flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, arrangements, etc.) to Grace In Bloom and they will come and pick them up (for free!) from your venue and take them to nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in the area. When I first heard about this concept I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more! So yesterday, I met with one of the Owners, Brittany Heare, to get more information; read below!


Brittany told me that she first got the idea a few years back when she was working with another wedding planner. One of their brides wanted to donate her leftover flowers to a good cause, but at the time there was no company that provided a service of this nature (and this typically falls outside the scope of what a wedding planner or florist does). That means that it would be up to family or friends who are likely worn out or busy with other post-wedding related activities to drop the flowers off somewhere. As Brittany said, "From what we can see, there is no flower donation service in the Richmond area. Since brides are working with such talented florists and are spending good money on arrangements that often go unused after the event, we are looking to help collect, rearrange, and donate those flowers to hospice centers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc." 

Owners Brittany Manitply and Brittany Heare

Owners Brittany Manitply and Brittany Heare


As of right now, they have just worked with nursing homes but would like to expand in the future. Brittany said that the patients absolutely love receiving the flowers. Sometimes the girls will bring the flowers in unassembled and the patients will then get to arrange them as one of their activities. It definitely adds a touch of brightness and color to patients who otherwise may not get flowers (or even visitors). Further, Brittany said that the service is wonderful for facilities with low activities budgets. 


So how exactly does all this work you may be wondering? According to Brittany, "we aren’t charging any sort of fee currently for our services and we come to the event at the end of the evening to collect the flowers and/or containers if they are not being reused or do not need to be returned to the florist. Brides can contact us via Facebook or via email!" The best part about this? You can do something kind and nice for someone and it's as simple and easy as sending an email and arranging a pick-up. That's it! Grace In Bloom will do everything else for you! If you are planning to have a lot of unused and leftover flowers from your wedding, consider using a service like this one to spread a little joy and be kind to our environment all at the same time!

To contact Grace in Bloom, visit their Facebook page here or their Instagram page here. You can also email them at: Below is a video from Upworthy explaining the flower donation process in greater detail. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy planning!

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