Top Five Places to Find Affordable Wedding Decor in RVA

Nowadays, more and more couples are opting in to do a large portion of their wedding decor themselves. As a wedding planner and designer, crafting lover, and previous DIY bride herself, I have discovered a lot of unique places here in Richmond to buy (or sell) unique wedding decor. You can save a ton of money if you are willing to put in a little elbow grease and you can totally make your wedding your own. I find that brides I work with are often unfamiliar with these hidden gems here in our own neck of the woods. So today, I decided that I would share a few of those gems with you!

Class & Trash

Class & Trash is like if your grandmother's antiques had a baby with your grandfather's garage. You never know what you will find! According to the owners Lisa and Ken Waldrop, their motto is, "Providing a cool, funky, affordable, and ever-changing array of furniture and objects for our customers." I have found many a unique object hidden in their funky store including vases, old books, dishes, knick knacks, and more. I have bought things for cheap, fixed them up, painted them, and then used them as decor. I encourage clients to check them out if they are looking to decorate their head table differently, want a few cool or funky vintage finds to add to their wedding decor, or are looking for those diamonds in the rough. Not to mention, it's fun just browsing around in there! Fun fact: My husband and I bought our olive/mustard 1930's settee there for only $95!
For more information on Class & Trash, visit their website here

I bought this old, broken platter at C&T for $5. I glued it back together and VOILA! I then used it in a styled photo shoot.


I just love Goodwill. Not only do I think the organization is doing a great deal of good for the community, you truly can find just about anything inside their stores. We found our beautiful kitchen table there (for a bargain!) and I can't even begin to tell you how many inexpensive but QUALITY items I have found lining their shelves just waiting to be discovered. As a designer, I like to have a variety of things like vases and candle holders and such that I can use in styled photo shoots or to offer up to my clients to use for their weddings. My favorite locations are the Goodwill in Short Pump and the new location out on Brook Road as you are headed toward Ashland (which is also roughly a mile from Class & Trash -- so you could just make a day of it!). I have found that the quality of the items at these locations tends to be pretty stellar. If you like an eclectic look, and are okay with your wedding decor not being "matchy matchy", then Goodwill is a great place to find stuff at a fraction of the cost of retailers. 
For more information on Goodwill, visit their website here

I found this picture frame at the Goodwill in Short Pump for only $1. I had English Tea Paperie draft up this saying for a styled photo shoot that was featured on Glamour & Grace.

Caritas gathered goods marketplace

CARITAS is a non-profit organization providing the largest number of homeless services to the greater Richmond area. According to their website, their new "why" statement expresses it best: “United by our compassion, we help our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycle of addiction and homelessness to reclaim their dignity.” One of the neat services that they provide is the Gathered Goods Marketplace! GG is a thrift store that is open to the public 2-3 times per month where customers can shop for gently used accent furniture, china, home décor and more! They have all kinds of styles from vintage and retro to modern and chic. And they even deliver! This can be an excellent place to browse for your affordable wedding decor. And the best part about? Your purchases go directly toward supporting CARITAS and it's mission. 
For the address and more information on dates and times the GGM is open, visit their website here. 

Diversity Thrift

Diversity Thrift is one of Richmond's largest thrift stores and was voted among the best thrift stores in the city, according to Style Weekly and Richmond Magazine.  I have to admit, I have never personally been to Diversity Thrift, but have heard great things about it from my clients. One client in particular said she loves shopping there because "they have everything!"
For more information, visit their website here


Facebook can be a great resource when planning a wedding. Not only can you find other vendor pages and blog posts with useful wedding planning tips, you can also join groups. Consider finding a group specifically geared toward buying and selling wedding decor or even just buying and selling goods in general! You may have to join a few groups before you find one you really like, but you never know what unique treasures could be out there! It's almost like an interactive craigslist

Well there you have it. I hope this helps you along your DIY wedding planning journey. And of course, remember that places like this are often "hit or miss" -- you may have to check out a few before you find the one you like or you may even have to pop into a location more than once. And, of course, never underestimate the benefit of Hobby Lobby or Michael's for all your crafting needs! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Decorating!

~Maggie ♥