Three Amazing Film Wedding Photographers in RVA

If you have been following along, then you know that last week I did a blog post on Five Amazing Digital Wedding Photographers in RVA. The post highlighted some of the most amazing natural light and digital wedding photographers in Richmond, most of which I have worked with before. And as promised, I would like to continue that series this week by showcasing three more drool-worthy wedding photographers from our little neck of the woods, but this time from the arena of film photography. I have watched these ladies (yes they are all ladies!) from afar admiring their skills, talent, and passion. So without further adieu and in no particular order:

Kim Stockwell Photography

I have had my eye on Kim's work for a while now; there is something very romantic and emotion-evoking about her photography. I love her use of color and its natural juxtaposition against the backdrop of nature or everyday life. In Kim's own words, "I'm a fine art wedding photographer with a wild appreciation for candid moments. The goal of every photograph I take is to create a timeless and classic image. I love using medium format film to capture my client's wedding day, because it just feels timeless. The classic and history rich nature of film has been the best way for me to provide my clients with the most beautiful memories. My style and aesthetic is fueled by neutral color palettes & soft romantic touches. My passion comes from my ability to give clients beautiful, authentic moments. Moments, that when cared for properly, can live forever."

Doesn't that sound just lovely? Let's just say, you should definitely keep your eye on her. She is going places. Fun fact: Kim took one of my favorite photos of me of all time! I feel like it is the perfect embodiment of my personality and demeanor. You can see the photo on the Meet Maggie section of my website. Check out examples of Kim's work below or visit her Facebook page, HERE! You can also email her at:

Nikki Santerre Photography

Anytime someone is looking for a fine art film photographer, I always send them Nikki's way. There is both a richness and warmth to her photography that makes you feel as if you have instantly stepped into a French painting from the 18th century. She has an amazing knack for capturing the tangible richness found in light and nature. In Nikki's own words: "Incorporating film into my workflow has transformed the way I approach a wedding day. Shooting medium format has made me more deliberate, more intentional, more present. I am able to capture my clients' intimacy with unobtrusive authenticity by encouraging and evoking real emotions. My heart for my clients is to serve them throughout the wedding process and to create tangible heirlooms for their family for generations to come, images that won't only live on a computer screen but will transform their home and their hearts as art that adorns their walls."

Nikki is also sweet, thoughtful, and endearing. And just LOOK at these photo of her work below! Fun fact: Nikki just took the leap of faith to become a fulll-time wedding photographer last week! I can't wait to see what she will share with us next. Check out examples of her work below or visit her Facebook page, HERE! You can also email Nikki at:

Laura Gordon Photography

I don't even know where to begin when discussing the beauty that is Laura's work. Her photography is ethereal, artistic, and breathtaking. I FEEL things when I view her work. I feel mystery, enchantment, and timelessness. In Laura's own words: "I am a fine art photographer specializing in weddings and events across the world. – In the passing moments of a wedding day, it's easy to lose sight of all that's taking place and those moments seem to vanish before you know it. I direct my focus on preserving those memories and I long to make thoughtful imagery that is crafted to be classic and timeless. Through careful observation and great attention to detail, I am able to create a beautiful narrative. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by beauty, and beauty often comes in the simplest forms. My at-ease approach with couples, paired with my ability to truly see and feel emotion throughout a wedding day, have been the fundamental elements in developing my distinctive style."

You can tell how much care, thought, and time Laura has spent honing and perfecting her craft. Fun fact: Laura was actually Kim's wedding photographer this past fall (which is where I first learned about her). You can see those photos, here. Check out examples of her work below, or visit her Facebook page, HERE! You can also email Laura at:

So there you have it. Like I said last week, there are so many more amazing film photographers out there, and film has certainly made a HUGE comeback in weddings, but these three are my top faves right now. Book any one of these ladies and you will be working with the best of the best. Consider hiring a film photographer if you want wedding photos that are timeless and artistic. 

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Happy Planning!

~Maggie ♥