Seven Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

A long standing tradition when throwing a party of any real magnitude is the giving out of party favors.  Weddings are no different. Most of us have likely been to weddings where the bride and groom were giving away koozies (which is always a fan favorite), matches, mints, or chocolates. However, what about the couple that is looking for something a little more unique and personal to give away? Something that will get guests excited? Well, I did some research and came up with a list of 7 fun and unique wedding favors to consider for your special day. 

His & Hers

Coffee and Tea Bags. What a great idea! I love the packaging on these! Consider doing "His and Hers" options. Give away the bride's favorite blend and the groom's favorite blend. Now, this is a wedding favor I would want to take home! Via: Brides.

What's In a Name?

Customized coke bottles. I love the idea of giving away customized coke bottles. For five dollars on Share a Coke you can customize any name you want on a coke bottle. You also have the option to order them in standard or mini sizes. Gifts like these add a personal touch and can make your guests feel extra loved on. 
*Note*: This idea may be more suited for an intimate wedding of 100 people or less (or for the couple with a really healthy wedding budget!). 

Spread the Love

Homemade jams and jellies. My friend, Christen, was married in the late summer last year and she made these amazing jams for her guests to take home. She even sewed the coverings to match her wedding theme. The nice thing about an edible wedding favor is that it can always be customized to match each season. Plus, who doesn't love something they can eat?!


Photography:  Belatheé

Photography: Belatheé

Booze. No caption really needed here. Guests will love taking home something "liquid" if you know what I mean. Consider including one of these drink recipe cards like this couple from Snippet & Ink via Apartment Therapy did. Tip: make name cards for each bottle so your guests aren't tempted to snatch up the whole basket!

In Case You Get Cold

Blankets and pashminas. What a perfect favor for a late fall or winter wedding. Not only are these gifts something your guests can keep for years to come, but they can also dance the night away without worrying about the cold! Makes me wish I had given these away at my fall wedding a few years ago! First photo Hello Love Photography via: The Knot. Second photo Jamie Lauren Photography via Monika Hibbs

Write it Down

DIY notebooks. A fun yet practical idea, your guests will love having something that is useful to them and also reminds them of your special day. According to Oh So Beautiful Paper, you could make several of these in one day if you knocked them out assembly line style. Have your bridesmaids over one Saturday, throw on some 90's music, and make a day of it! Tip: make sure to make some masculine ones for the dudes. 


Photo:  Nato Welton

Rosemary olive oil. My husband loves to cook (and I love to eat what he cooks) so if I was a guest at a wedding and saw one of these bad boys, my mouth would instantly start salivating! And the bottles are small enough that even out of town guests could easily fit them into their suitcases. Via: Colin Cowie Weddings

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration when thinking through your what type of wedding favors you want to share with your guests. And when all is said and done whether or not you give out favors will come down to a discussion between three people: you, your spouse-to-be, and your budget (assuming that the budget is the voice of reason in this scenario).

Thanks for stopping by! Happy planning!

~Maggie ♥