From the Aisle to Your Front Door: How to Repurpose Your Wedding Decor

So let's face it. It can take a lot of money, time, and stuff to pull off a successful wedding; especially for the gal (or guy) brave enough to tackle the design component on their own. If you are like me, and decided to do most of the wedding decor yourself, chances are you will have quite a bit of stuff left over after the wedding day. It would be a shame to think that all of that time, money, super-powered creativity, and all of those crafting injuries (I'm looking at you hot glue gun) would go to waste. I am all for a Do-It-Yourself wedding because they are a) more fun to plan, b) more personal, and c) able to give you greater control over the design and creativity. However, with a DIY wedding, you are faced with what to do with the wedding day "leftovers". So today, I am going to help you think through how to reuse and repurpose some of your wedding decor pieces in your happy, new home together. 

This candelabra was used on our sweet heart table at our wedding and now sits on and end table in our living room

This candelabra was used on our sweet heart table at our wedding and now sits on and end table in our living room

Photo by: Annamarie Akins Photography

Think Ahead

When thinking through color choices, it can be tempting to get sucked in to the Pinterest vortex (as I like to call it), see a million images, and think "Ooohh I want it that way. And that. And that!" There are some wedding color trends that are classic, some that are trendy, and some that are just plain confusing. When thinking through what colors you would like for your wedding, I would like to challenge you to consider your personal style (both individually and as a couple), and select color choices that make sense not only for your big day, but for your forever as well. If your house has absolutely no navy in it whatsoever, and you choose navy as one of your staple color choices, then you will mostly likely be left with a lot of items that don't fit within your style and can just add clutter to your home. It may be tempting to try a wedding color palette that is a deviation from your norm, but with a DIY wedding I would advise you to stay true to who you are as there is no "return to vendor policy" for DIY. Further, this decision will enable the wedding to be more meaningful for you, your spouse, and your guests. Think about how you would like to decorate your home, create an inspiration board like the one I made for the Maggie's Misc brand (shown below), and go from there. And most importantly, have fun with it! 

Dual Functions

When creating decor pieces for your wedding, think about designing pieces you would like to see featured in your home. With the help of a bridesmaid, she and I created a fun sign for my wedding that I was able to repurpose later and use as art in our home. We painted a piece of wood in one of our wedding colors, added my husband's (and now my) last name and wedding date, and fastened two screws on the back. During our wedding, it was hanging on a garden stake as guests came up the winding drive, and was the first main decor piece that they saw. It helped set the stage and tone for the wedding and is now hanging on the wall in our hallway at home as a reminder of that special and sacred day (I also used wedding decor and made a wreath that hung on the front door in our new home). Think about making a sign that is not just trendy, but something you would feel comfortable hanging in your home for years to come. For example, chalkboard has been really trendy over the last few years, but ask yourself if you think you will still like the "rustic chalkboard" look in five, ten, or fifteen years. In addition, think of selecting picture frames, candles, vases, or even your guest book that you could easily use as decoration in your home. One way of accomplishing this is with your paper goods. If you are planning to design your own menus or programs (or even if you have them designed professionally), think of designing something that could be framed and double as artwork in your living room or office space. Finally, this same concept applies with practical items like napkins, dishes, and more. Considering using wedding napkins in a solid color so that you can reuse them at a party, during the holidays, or even for entertaining in your new home. 

Photo by: Taylor Bates Photography

Sentimental Suggestions

You can never go wrong with a little bit of sentiment. You can really get creative with ways to use your leftover wedding items for thoughtful and meaningful gifts. For example, the first Christmas following our wedding, I used the leftover fabric from our sweetheart table, hot glued it onto a canvas (although I recommend using a staple gun here), and made my mom a one-of-a-kind and sentimental piece of art for her bathroom. On the back of the canvas, I wrote an inscription saying "So you can always remember our wedding." You also can find ways to repurpose wine corks and bottles by making Christmas ornaments for friends, or using the bottles as vases, candle holders, or as a unique edging for your garden (as shown in the photos below). Finally, think of creating a "time capsule" of sorts that can be saved and opened later by your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. This is a creative way of conserving a part of your history for generations to come, and affords them the opportunity to potentially use some of your items as heirloom pieces for their wedding or to cherish and enjoy in their homes. 

Photo #1 found on: Hub Pages; Photo #2 found on: Cottage in the Oaks; Photo #3 found on: Life Popper

So there you have it. I hope some of these tips have helped you think through ways to repurpose your wedding items and how to plan ahead when doing a DIY wedding. If you are on a budget, get creative with your decorations, and think of ways you can use your leftover weddings items again in the future to potentially save you some cash later on. It's amazing what a little planning, a hot glue gun, and some elbow grease can accomplish!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

~Maggie ♥