Three Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding

Hi there! So there's a lot that goes into planning an event right? Over the past seven years I have been working with events in some capacity by either facilitating, coordinating, designing, or planning. All events are different but they all have the same basic make-up and require the same skill set to plan and execute properly. Today, I am going to share with you three different mistakes you can avoid when planning your wedding. My hope is to save you a little time, heartache, and stress (and maybe even prevent a gray hair or two from forming in the process). 

Mistake # 1: Over-Pinning

Don't get me wrong here, Pinterest can be your friend and a great resource when planning your wedding. Where else can you get that much inspiration and keep it all in one neat and convenient location? It's also a bonus that you can add other pinners to your board to help keep them on track with your vision.  However, from my experience, over-pinning images should be avoided as this can water down your design, clutter your vision, and leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when you can't possibly create or incorporate all the inspiration you found from other weddings or shoots into your own wedding. My suggestion would be to only pin images that are a direct fit with your style and vision and DIY inspiration you can actually see yourself doing. Not over-cluttering your vision board can also help anyone else working with you on styling to understand exactly what you want.

These images are pretty but they don't have much to do with one another in terms of style, color, or theme. Consistency is key.
Styling: Maggie's Misc Events; Photograpy: Shalese Danielle Photography

Mistake # 2: Spending Too Much Time on Design

I totally get it. You want your wedding to be special and unique. We all do (or did as in my case). You see these images on Pinterest, drool, and then want to find a way to represent them in your own wedding. I am all about catering each wedding to the couple, and any type of design instantly takes me to my happy place. However, when planning a wedding, there are many, many moving parts involved. Spending too much time on planning the design can cause you to overlook key aspects that will affect the timing, flow, and experience of the day. Your guests will remember how things looked, but more than that they will remember how much fun they had. Have you thought through music that will keep your guests happy and dancing? Have you thought about how to transport your guests if they are coming from out of town? Have you waited to the last minute to find a baker for your cake (this seems to be a vendor people put off until the last minute and they unfortunately get booked up faster than you think)? It's okay to have a theme and colors together and even beneficial when talking to some vendors but my suggestion would be to book all of your key vendors first, start getting a timeline of the day together and then really focus your energy on design and styling. 

Mistake # 3: Not Allowing Any Margin

The day-of will be long and filled with a variety of different events and activities. In one day you will go through getting ready, taking photos, walking down the aisle, saying your vows, more photos, eating, greeting your guests, dancing, (maybe even playing games), cutting your cake, toasts, and more. That's a lot to pack into one day! The main thing I tell my clients is to leave a little margin of time for unexpected events. For example, there are always late people. I know, who would be late to a wedding? But it happens every time. I wouldn't plan your whole ceremony around them, but consider starting 5-10 minutes after the start time so they don't disrupt the ceremony when they come in. Also, plan some time to be alone with your new spouse shortly after the ceremony has ended as this may be the only alone time you get all night! Finally, planning a little cushion of time between activities allows for the opportunity to stay on schedule if things run behind like for example, maybe it takes longer for photos than you originally thought because one of the flower girls just won't sit still. 

So there you have it. I hope these tips help save you some headaches later on. For questions or inquiries, email me at:

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