The Importance of On-Site Hair and Makeup for Your Wedding: Lou Stevens Glam Squad (The Glammies)

Hey everyone!  As a past bride that used Lou Stevens Glam Squad on my wedding day to take care of all the hair, I can honestly attest to the benefit of being able to get ready completely at your venue. It cuts down on travel and allows you the maximum time to get ready; this can eliminate potential mishaps if something gets off schedule at a salon. I interviewed Amanda Perry, CEO and Master Stylist at Lou Stevens, about the importance of on-site hair and makeup for your wedding day and here's what she had to say (be prepared to laugh!):

Here is a good example of the hair of yours truly on my wedding day. I opted to do Baby's Breath instead of a veil and Britney was able to accommodate that very easily! Photo by: Taylor Bates Photography

I know what you might be thinking, "I don't need professional on site hair and makeup, my cousin is going to do it.  Or my friend.  Or my (fill in the blank with anyone else's name)."  

But I'm telling you, don't listen to these little voices!!  On your wedding day, would you forego catering because your grandmother wanted to cook for all your guests?  Would you go to Goodwill for your wedding dress?  I'm willing to bet the answer to those questions are no, and the same should go for your wedding day beauty!

This is likely going to be one of the best days ever, and you'll be photographed more today than any other day. You definitely don't want to skimp on your hair and makeup on the most important day ever! Having an on-site professional hair and makeup team can be the difference between you looking back at those photos in awe or frustration.  

The process is easy with Lou Stevens Glam Squad. You'll contact us to reserve your date, and from there Kaitlyn will work with you to get a preview appointment scheduled. You'll definitely want to do a preview or a trial run to work out any ideas you have in your head and make sure they work on you. You can do unlimited styles and makeup looks at this appointment and you also meet the stylist you're going to have on the wedding day. It's a super fun appointment in our studio downtown, or we can come to you!  

From there, we will gather all the information we need from you as far as the details of location, times, who is all having services done, etc. We make a customized schedule for you that fits in your time frame so you don't have to worry about timing and being ready late. Everyone gets an appointment time and you know how many stylists are coming to help out on the big day! You don't have to fit into salon time frames, which is very convenient on the wedding day when you have so much going on.  

Maggie & Don-0006 (2).jpg

Photo by: Capture Photography

Professional hair and makeup makes such a difference in photos too. Having the airbrush foundation applied gives you that supermodel flawless look and the photographer typically get your photos back to you quicker because they don't have to do as much editing, so they love it!! Having professionally executed hair ensures that you wont have pieces falling out later in the night, flyaways during your outdoor photos, or any other mishaps that could come from having a friend do it who isn't quite polished on wedding day hair and makeup.  

Photos by: Tiffany Heidenthal Photography 

To contact us, please email or visit our website, or Facebook page. On the website you can see lots of examples of our work, read our blog, meet the team, and see testimonials from real brides just like you who have enjoyed the glam squad experience!! 

Thanks, Amanda! I realize that not everyone may have the budget for on-site hair and makeup, but if you do, I recommend it! It will make the whole day run much smoother and allows you to enjoy the process more. 

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