Maggie's Misc - A Branding Shoot

One of the things that tickles me most in life is watching God love on His children through other people. There is a lot to be said for kindness and generosity and the impact it can have on those around us. I have been blessed with some very generous people in my life (parents, aunts, uncles, friends, and more) which is one of the reasons why my heart is so passionate about being generous toward others in return. I recently had the opportunity to experience this generosity in my business by Annamarie Akins of Annamarie Akins Photography. 

I first met Anna at a Tuesday's Together networking event back in May. It was obvious right away that she is a gifted soul. We met for coffee a few weeks later at Cafe Caturra in town and chatted for over three hours. Annamarie is always so full of light and grace and challenges me to think of the grace of I am extending to others. A few days later I text her to see how much it would be to do a branding photo shoot for my business. I had been wanting to do a Maggie's Misc shoot for quite some time but didn't quite have the resources yet. Annamarie blessed me by offering to do the shoot for me, and even did it coming off of 11 back-to-back wedding weekends! She is one of the best photographers in Richmond, so I really hit the jackpot for the business when she agreed to do the shoot! Creatives: I would recommend doing a branded photo sesh for your biz and if you do, Annamarie is the bomb (yes I did just try to cram as mach slang into one sentence as possible; you know, just to lighten the mood :-) (and yes, I am aware that no one says "the bomb" anymore but I am getting older and don't know what the kids are saying these days).

When thinking through the shoot, I knew I wanted the photos to represent the Maggie's Misc style, and my own personal style as an extension. I am a complex human in that while I am a very deep and old soul that values faith above all else, I often am called "funloving" or "free spirit" by people who know me and personality tests I have taken. I sometimes forget that I have this side to my personality and I like that these photos show the light, happy, and bright side of me. In one day I can go from thinking deeply and even crying over the brokenness and suffering in the world to laughing hysterically about nothing as my husband and I lie in bed at night (I am pretty sure I have a condition that causes me to have uncontrollable laughter when I get sleepy. It's a real thing. I'm convinced of it.) I also am drawn to soft, colour palettes that are feminine and yet not too girly. My mom and I were discussing the other day that even when I was little pastels were my favorite colours and I guess things have come full circle. I like all different types of colors: bright colors, bold colors, neutrals, etc. I am willing to work within many various styles for weddings, parties, or events and even like expressing my creativity in different ways. It is lovely, though, to have something that I feel looks "just like me." I am so happy to share some of these photos with you and I hope you adore them as much as I do!


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