Maggie's Top Five "Awkward Photos"

Let's be honest. We all have them. Those photos that make us question our DNA and genetic code entirely. You know, the ones you hope your mom doesn't show your date when you bring him/her over to visit for the first time. This week my husband Don brought up one particular baby photo of me that looks like I belong more in the Jungles of Africa than in a crib. We have a nice little laugh every time we run across it. And since, "On Fridays we have fun" here at Maggie's Misc, I thought I would share some of my "awkward family photos" with you. You're welcome friends. You're welcome. 

Apparently I had a hard time keeping my eyes open the better part of 1987. 

One part 1970's. One part Rastafarian. Makes total sense. 

You know how some parents secretly hope they can dress their children in the clothes they wore growing up? No. Just, no. 

Magz Pics 154.png

I give you the lost Hanson brother. 

The piece de resistance ladies and gentlemen. I'm so thankful that my face eventually grew into my eyes. 

And just to prove that I wasn't completely awkward growing up. I have put together some of my favorite photos of me as a youngin. Enjoy!

Happy weekend, friends! Comment below which "awkward photo" is your favorite!

Thanks for stopping by.

~Maggie ♥