2 Truths and a Lie - How Well Do You Know Me?

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I was inspired by a recent Facebook post from my friend Christen in which she shared three statements about herself. Two of those statements were true and one was a lie. She then asked her friends to see if they could guess the lie. It was fun to see how many people got the answer right, *Ahem* like I did! And since I love to do fun posts here at Maggie's Misc on Fridays, today I am going to play a little round of 2 Truths and a Lie with you. Under each question below there are three statements given about me: two of the statements are true and one is a lie. See if you can guess the lie. Keep track and see how many you get right! (the answers will be given at the end). Enjoy!

Question 1) In high school I ....

a) graduated with honors
b) played volleyball
c) was on the color guard team

Question 2) In college I ....

a) got a tattoo
b) had blonde hair
c) had a nose ring

Question 3) In college I studied .... (hint part of this answer is on the website)

a) Marketing
b) English
c) Art History

Question 4) I have never been to ....

a) Mexico
b) Central America
c) Europe

Question 5) I can play the ....

a) flute
b) piano
c) violin

Question 6) I have lived in ....

a) North Carolina
b) Texas
c) Tennessee

Question 7) Growing up I saw ______ in concert.

a) 'NSync
b) New Kids on the Block
c) Boys II Men

Question 8) I am not a huge fan of ....

a) airplanes
b) roller coasters
c) boats

Question 9) In my free time I love to ....

a) cook
b) travel
c) garden

Question 10) I have volunteered with ...

a) Habitat for Humanity
b) Big Brothers Big Sisters
c) The American Cancer Society

Question 11) I do not eat ....

a) meat
b) dairy
c) gluten (wheat)

Question 12) In the past I ....

a) tried out for American Idol
b) tried out for a TV personality job
c) wrote part of a novel

Question 13 ) I have never seen ....

a) Top Gun
b) Goonies
c) Back to the future

Question 14) I have had animals named ....

a) Fizgig
b) Fat Belly
c) Kittypuss

Question 15) My Husband HAs Lived in .... 

a) London
b) Cambridge
c) Manchester


Okay that's it! Now for the answers (aka the lies)! Question 1) b - I didn't play any school sports past middle school. Question 2) a - believe it or not I did have bleach blonde hair in college! And it actually didn't look that bad! Question 3) b - I only took English classes in college but never majored in it. Question 4) c - I have never been to Europe but would love to go one day! Question 5) c - I played both the flute and piano growing up but never learned the violin. I can still play the piano fairly well. Question 6) a - I have never lived in North Carolina; only visited. I have lived in Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia. Question 7) b - I never saw New Kids on the Block. They were slightly before my time. Question 8) c - I love boats! Airplanes and roller coasters make me sick at my stomach, but not boats. Go figure! Question 9) a - I can't stand cooking! Thank goodness for my husband! Question 10) b - Although I think they are a great organization, I have never worked with BBBS. Question 11) a - I love meat! I am completely gluten free and nearly dairy free. Question 12) a - I never tried out for American Idol although I did go with a friend once in St. Louis but chickened out and didn't go through with it. Question 13) c - I have never seen Top Gun or The Goonies but have seen Back to the Future (although I only saw it for the first time a few years back)! Question 14) This is a trick question; I have had animals named all three names - sorry! Question 15) c - He lived in London and Cambridge but not Manchester. Did you get any right?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!
~Maggie ♥