Day-Of Wedding Coordinators: What to Expect

Hey hey hey y'all (I hear myself saying this in my most Tennessean accent ;-)). So the question has been popped, planning has begun, and you are trying to decide what is worth paying for and what isn't. Maybe in this day of technology and with your crazy organizational skills you have been able to plan most of the wedding yourself. But what about the day of? You can't be in two places at once, and there will be a lot to take care of as the big day approaches. Even if you don't plan to hire a full scale planner, wedding industry folks always recommend at least a day-of wedding coordinator. You don't want to have to worry about anything on your wedding day, and hiring family is usually a bad idea (I have personally seen this done and hiring family is almost never successful). Further, a day-of coordinator allows your friends and family to simply be guests and enjoy the night away. Still trying to decide? Not really sure what it is a wedding coordinator does? Read below to learn the duties you can expect from your day-of wedding coordinator.  

Month Out Planning Assistance

I know that not all planners offer month out planning assistance with their day-of coordination packages, but I believe that month out planning is a useful way to stay organized, keep everyone on the same page, and close any last minute gaps. With month out planning at Maggie's Misc Events you will receive, access to our event planning software, details finalized with vendors, a point of contact for all wedding party members and vendors, and last minute planning assistance. Month out planning takes some of the weight off of your shoulders as you get excited to walk down the aisle! 

Rehearsal Facilitation

The rehearsal is an opportunity for you, your wedding party, and vendors to practice the timing of the ceremony and typically takes about an and hour. Wedding ceremonies involve a certain amount of finesse and pacing to make them run as smoothly as possible. Your wedding coordinator will oversee the rehearsal and ensure that everyone understands where to stand, the timing, pace and music of the ceremony, and the role each member of the wedding party plays. Couples are sometimes tempted to hire friends or family as their wedding coordinator, but this can often backfire. If there is tension between the friend or family member you hire as your wedding coordinator then it can greatly impact the quality of your wedding day. The lovely aspect about a wedding coordinator is that they are an unbiased, neutral party whose sole purpose is to make you and your spouse happy. 

Event Set-up and Breakdown

There can be quite a bit involved in the the set-up and breakdown of your wedding. Your day-of wedding coordinator should be the first one in the door and the last one to leave. At Maggie's Misc Events one of the things we offer clients with day-of coordination is event set-up and breakdown. Set-up can include: any light, last minute cleaning, setting up tables, centerpieces, ceremony chairs, decor, gift tables, escort cards, and more, and any other items required for the event. *Note: Some venues have restrictions as to what you can and cannot do in terms of decor, and we will always follow and respect the rules of a venue.* Further, at the end of the event, after you leave and make your exit as husband and wife, we will then stay on to help with clean up. We will assist any other vendors (such as caterers) with clean up, trash removal, and packing up. We will also ensure that your gifts are given to someone to deliver to your home so it's just one less thing you have to worry about. 


As I mentioned earlier, weddings involve quite a bit of finesse to run smoothly. One of the most important duties your day-of coordinator will perform is to keep the timing of the day on schedule. He or she will confirm that all vendors have arrived with their proper items, that all necessary set-up has been taken care of, that all members of the wedding party have arrived, that your guests' transportation is running smoothly, that the music starts at the appropriate times, that the wedding party knows when to make their entrance, that the photographer knows when it's time for photos, that the catering staff starts dinner on time, and that the DJ knows when to announce the reception and subsequent event items like dancing, cake cutting, and more. There are many moving parts to a wedding and your day-of wedding coordinator is there to confirm that all those parts blend together efficiently and run smoothly. Your coordinator will also be there (hopefully with an assistant) to address any last minute hiccups that may arise. 

Couples looking for day-of coordinators in the Richmond, VA area are fortunate as there are many wonderful and qualified wedding planners in this region. Hiring a day-of coordinator will help eliminate a lot of stress from you and your family, and will help ensure the day's success. There are many resources in the area to help you locate your wedding planner. Here at Maggie's Misc Events, as your day-of coordinator, I want to be more than just your vendor, but a friend as well. Let me be your Wedding Day BFF (TM). 

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~Maggie ♥