4 Fun Facts About Maggie

Hey y'all. So today's post is gonna be a little more fun and lighthearted in nature. I'm going to let you in on a few facts about yours truly. Some of these are funny, some interesting, and some are just downright embarrassing. Enjoy! 

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble - Shoot, Shoot

During my time at John F. Kennedy elementary school in Kingsport, TN, I was recruited to be in an adolescent version of the Harlem Globetrotters. We traveled to local high schools and performed a half-time show during basketball games. We even performed at some "bigger" events in the region like the "Arby's Classic", a basketball competition in Northeast Tennessee. We would practice everyday after school twirling balls on our fingers, doing figure "8's" between our legs, laying down on the floor and bouncing the ball, and more. You know, really girly stuff. Actually as I look back, I think I may have been the only girl on the team. The best part of being a "Kennedy Dribbler" as they called it? We would come out to the theme song from "Rocky III". Every time I hear "Eye of the Tiger" I flash back to my days of channeling Wilt Chamberlain. So what did I gain from all of this? Teamwork, coordination, dedication, skill, hard work, and a whole lotta fun. 

Get that Away From Me!

Irrational phobias. We all have them. Mine just happens to be a little more irrational in nature than most. Don't judge. Alright here it is....I am truly and utterly terrified of.....balloons! I hate them! The texture is weird, they are messy to clean up, and they are so LOUD when they pop! I honestly have no idea where this phobia comes from, all I know is that it goes back as far as I can remember. Okay guys, I said don't judge. I just did a styled shoot that featured two MASSIVE white 3 foot balloons. I wish you could have seen me at Party City picking them up the day of the shoot. I'm pretty sure the sales clerk got quite the kick out of me hiding down the aisle and around the corner as she blew them up, not to mention the cars passing by me as I drove the whole way to the venue with my fingers in my ears. Okay seriously though, enough with the judging already. Nevertheless, balloons are a part of my industry so I just have to suck it up, and do what needs to be done. I guess every industry has it's occupational hazards right ;-)?

Mischief Managed

This may (or may not) comes as a surprise to some of you, but I truly am a nerd at heart. I like history and learning new things. I like to try new activities and actually enjoyed school and learning (when I wasn't stressed over exams). I like fantasy and adventure books and movies that take me to a new place or put me right in the action. But most of all, I may be just a wee bit obsessed with Harry Potter. I never get tired of it! One of the places on my travel list is Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. I've heard it is so realistic and very close to the way it looked in the movies. I want to go to Gringott's Bank or have a butter beer at Hogsmeade. My favorite thing about Harry Potter, is that J.K. Rowling took a world that didn't exist and made it so realistic and believable that it almost seems real. She created another language, culture, and dimension that is somewhat based in reality. The characters are unbelievably well developed and in my opinion, it is one of the best good versus evil stories ever written (or that I'm familiar with anyways). I enjoyed watching the characters evolve and the story line become more authentic and adult as Harry, Hermione, and Ron approached 18. I took a quiz today to see which Harry Potter character I am. I took it a few times, and got Herminone once and Luna Lovegood twice. I don't really know how to feel about that. Which character are you? Take the quiz HERE

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

If you've known me any length of time, then you know I've never really been a touchy feely kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, I cry all the time. At everything in fact. But I've never been one for mush and can be very independent. When I was younger and in my early adulthood I was never really that physically affectionate. My mom used to say that I had this huge giant bubble of personal space constantly surrounding me. When people entered my bubble I got ancy. I was never one to hold hands, and had boyfriends in the past ask me to please be more affectionate; one even pleaded to me for a simple hand hold. Again, I have no idea what made me this way. I just did not want to. However, my sweet hubby changed all of that. I catch myself grabbing his hand first sometimes if we're walking or riding in the car. My dad said he knew Don was different when we were walking ahead of him one day and he looked up, and I was holding Don's hand.. THIS is how my dad knew I was going to be with Don. A simple hand hold. I find myself reaching over to cuddle on his chest at night or hug him sometimes for no reason. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not a "let's be touching at all times" kinda girl, but I do like being affectionate with my husband. He is also the first guy I've ever truly felt comfortable with and trusted enough to let fully let my guard down. So maybe that's why. If we weren't physically affectionate at this point I would think something was wrong. I love him, and don't mind letting him experience that side of me. Except in the morning. I don't want anything in the morning. Except maybe coffee and a good devotional. 

So there you have, just a few fun facts about me. I will be sharing more as we go along but thought this was a good start. Feel free to leave a comment below sharing something "fun" about yourself! I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends! And as always, thanks for stopping by!

~Maggie ♥

Photo # 1 by: Shalese Danielle Photography; Photo #2 by: Tiffany Heidenthal Photography; Photo #3 by: Taylor Bates Photography