2017 Year in Review

Hi there all. It's been months since I've had the opportunity to blog. 2017 brought some amazing changes both to me and my family personally, and to my business, professionally. Below, I am highlighting some of my favorite moments over the past year as I prepare and look forward to 2018. Thanks for reading along. 


Quite possibly the biggest and best change of 2017 came when my husband and I learned that we were expecting in August. After miscarrying our first child in April (and after some trouble conceiving), we were overjoyed that we were going to get the opportunity to be parents again. Being a mom (can I call myself a mom yet?) has already brought along with it emotions that I simply was not expecting. I had absolutely terrible morning sickness my first trimester, but even in the midst of that, there was joy. Even in the midst of wondering if I will be a good mom or in the fear over labor that can sometimes creep in, there is still so much JOY. I don't know why, but this level of joy was not something I had anticipated. If you know me, then you know that being a mom was never that high on my priority list. I have always seen myself as more of a career woman and the whole baby thing just never came very natural for me. However, something in me started to gradually change over the last few years and now I cannot WAIT to become his (he's a he by the way ;-)) mom and to bring him into our home. My life was forever changed when I got that little plus sign and already in the best possible way.  

Ultrasound 2.png

Baby Richard!

It's a boy...


NYC Move!

If you would have asked me at the time, I definitely would have thought (and maybe even said) that moving up north would have been our biggest change of 2017. But let's be honest, new baby trumps moving every time. After a year of unemployment, my husband was offered the most incredible (and God-provided) job opportunity in the Big Apple this past June. Being a small town girl raised in slow-moving East Tennessee and living in Richmond, Virginia for the past 5 years, I was not initially thrilled about this move. My roots were in the south and I finally felt like we had community in Richmond. The thought of moving sent so much palpable fear my way. And yet alas, God had other plans for us. To be honest, there was no reason that my husband should have gotten the job that he did. He was under-qualified in the experience department and there were seasoned executives interviewing. It was an incredible opportunity for anybody and yet it didn't make logical sense for him to get it. And what's more they reached out to him. That was how I knew this was the right move for us. If God had opened the door, then I knew we needed to walk through it. And walk through it we did. Three weeks later, I got pregnant. Shortly thereafter I began to see that this was the year of God redeeming so many things that had been stolen from us. 



For those of you that have been following along with my business for some time, you know that back in the spring I changed my business name from "Maggie's Misc Events" to "Maggie Richard Design" and completely overhauled my website and branding in the process. I believe this was a much needed change and feel like it was the right move for this business. Now, there was nothing inherently "wrong" with "Maggie's Misc Events" and the website and branding I had created were beautiful (if I do say so myself ;-)), but something kept nagging me. Something simply felt "off". Therefore, after a season of much soul searching and creative exploration, I realized that when I initially started this business, I hadn't given much thought at all to the brand or my name. And to be frank, I didn't realize the importance those key items played on a business as a whole. I realized that I wanted a brand that felt more timeless, less trendy, and more high-end. I wanted to attract clients that were drawn to beautiful design elements when it came to wedding planning and who also wanted to create an event that celebrated them. And thus, the advent of Maggie Richard Design began. When I look back over the past year and the types of clients I worked with/am beginning to work with, I can see that changing my name was a good decision, and I'm glad that I trusted my gut. I have had the privilege to work with and serve some amazing clients since beginning this business in November 2014, and am excited to see where this next chapter leads. To read more about this, check out a past blog post "The Advent of Maggie Richard Design".



I had the great priviledge to plan and coordinate some beautiful weddings this year. Take a look at four of my favorite wedding photos/moments of 2017. 

Morgan + David.
Morgan and I had so much in common right off the bat. Unknowingly, we were both from the same small town in East Tennessee, were both in an interracial relationship, and had both moved to Richmond after graduating college (her pharmacy school). I loved having the opportunity to plan and pull together all of the design elements for this wedding at Seven Springs, and it will go down as one of my favorites of all time. Clients like Morgan make my job much easier.
Photos by: Kim Stockwell Photography

Melanie + Tyler
Melanie and Tyler hired me to coordinate their wedding at the John Marshall Ballrooms this past June. When we first met, I could immediately tell that their was something special about them. They truly became two of the kindest and sweetest clients I have ever had the privilege to serve, and their love for each other was genuine and obvious to everyone around them. I am so thankful that I got to take part in a day that was so special and meaningful to them and to have gotten to know them both.
Photos by: Jason Jarvis Photography

Cassandra + Dave
Cass and Dave were a fun couple to be around. They knew how to have a good time, and their wedding was a day full of fun moments, like Dave playing a couple of songs with his band on stage during the reception, surprise toasts, and funny vows. They had beautiful design details at their late summer wedding at Upper Shirley Vineyards and it turned out to be a gorgeous affair. 
Photos by: Audrey Rose Photography

Instead of Photos, I decided to link to this STUNNING wedding video captured by Rachael Curry Films.  I think this may be my favorite wedding video to date.

Afton + Matt
Afton and Matt were married in early October at Bluestone Vineyard in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. To compliment the natural environment of the venue we chose an unconventional color palette of dusty rose and green for that time of year and the result was romantic and beautiful. I enjoyed helping Afton plan the design elements of this fine art affair and love how it all came together. 
Photos by: Nikki Santerre Photography



Last but not least, I had the opportunity to build my first website for someone other than myself this year. My dear friend (and client) Kim decided to start a new endeavor this year and follow her dreams. Her idea for "Live Fully Alive" came from her love of traveling the world, her faith, and her desire for everyone to live an authentic life. We are in the home stretch with this site now, and it will stay go live and stay live while she goes back to school to pursue a license in life coaching. In the new year, I will begin building a new site for her for that endeavor - Kim Kimball Coaching - so she can begin to take on clients upon completion of the program. To view the site for "Live Fully Alive" visit, www.livefullyalive.co

Well that's all folks. I would like to thank each client that trusted me with the opportunity to serve them this past year. I look forward to my 2018 weddings and design clients, learning to grow and adjust in my new city, and most importantly, meeting my son for the first time. I know business will look different with a new baby and I'm sure there are plenty of learning curves on my horizon. Thanks for reading along. May you all have a blessed new year.