Outlander Shoot - Thinking on Your Feet

So it's been a while since I've written but I have some exciting news....the very first styled shoot I was a part of back in January, has been featured today on The Frosted Petticoat blog!  The owner, Sam, is a HUGE fan of the book-turned-TV series, Outlander, and the season premier comes out tomorrow. Sooo this week, she has been featuring a series of Outlander themed weddings and styled shoots, of which I was so fortunate to be a part of!

Virginia Wedding Planners

Tiffany Heidenthal first approached me to be a part of this shoot in November, shortly after I started Maggie's Misc Events. She too is a loyal fan of the epic love story and had been wanting to bring her vision for an Outlander themed wedding to life. I had been wanting to do a shoot since I first learned about them toward the end of last year and was excited that I now had my opportunity. Tiffany's vision included a venue that featured rolling hills as the backdrop, a little white chapel, and rustic romance. And that's exactly what she got.  Mount Vernon Methodist Church in Stanardsville (right outside of Charlottesville, VA) was gracious enough to let us use their chapel for our venue. What a lovely spot. This little chapel, nestled in a valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains, provided sweeping views of the mountains above.

As I mentioned before this was my first shoot. I have since done one other shoot (a vintage inspired Kentucky Derby shoot that I will tell you more about later). However, being inexperienced, as with anything in life, there were a few missteps along the way. Styled shoots involve a great deal of time and planning, and you have to think through potential issues that can arise. That's part of what being a wedding planner is about as well--thinking two steps ahead.

With that being said, an interesting anecdote about this shoot was that the entire table design had to be changed in about 20 minutes. Tiffany had originally rented a farm table, chairs, and whiskey barrels from Party Perfect here in Richmond. However, when she and I went to pick up the rentals Friday night before the shoot, nothing would fit in the SUV we had borrowed from my mom. Needless to say, I had to think on my feet and come up with something completely new while using the rentals that Party Perfect had available. 

We decided to play off of the colors in the invitation suite created by Dejlige Creative and the cake designed by Sweet Fix RVA. The rich colors of plum and olive green became our inspiration for the suite, which resulted in a romantic, whimsical approach to Scottish tradition and Jamie and Claire's love. As Sam describes on the feature: 

"With an unexpected color palette and an ethereal eye, photographer Tiffany Heidenthal describes the inspiration behind the shoot". 

Even though the design wasn't what we had originally planned, everything fit together just lovely in the end. The shoot was cohesive, rustic, and elegant. 

I am completely enthralled in my job and career for the first time in my life. I feel like I can finally pour myself into something. With that being said, being a wedding planner is not all glamourous work. We braved the elements one freezing cold day in January to make this vision a reality. We poured energy and sweat into bringing this to life but it was so so worth it. Even in the midst of the set backs and frigid temperatures, when I was alone outside the chapel creating the table settings, I felt so alive. I knew that I was doing something that I had been created to do). I was in pure bliss. Even if it wasn't what we had orginially planned, it gave me an opportunity to try something new, and to go for an aesthetic that was outside of my "vintage comfort zone". The result: pure charm. My heart is happy. 


I leave you with Tiffany's description of the shoot:

"This styled shoot features the romantic beauty of Scotland. An ode to the novel and TV show, Outlander, which takes place in 18th century Scotland, we tried to incorporate as many details from the story and the beauty of the Scottish highlands as we could. We wanted to do so in a way that a bride could easily translate it into a romantic wedding. We used two different floral arrangements: one is a simple bouquet of Scottish heather. The other is a mixture of eucalyptus, heather, thistle, and wildflowers. The invitations and name cards are all for characters from the story. The sign reads “da mi basia mille” which is an important phrase in the novel that the groom has inscribed on the bride’s wedding ring, Latin for “Give me a thousand kisses.” He also gives the bride a pearl necklace as a wedding gift, which is why we featured pearls."

Thank you for stopping by everyone!

Maggie ♥